Hummingbird #74

Block #74 For Karen O.

Block #74 For Karen O.

Karen O. is one of my former neighbors. Karen is the ultimate dog lover. At one point she had a huge great dane in a small patio home. “Oh, they are just lap dogs” she would say. Her lap was no where near big enough, neither was her couch. Seeing that dog play with our normal sized dogs was hilarious. It was just about the right size to be  used as  a horse for a hobbit.

She went from that to two tiny fur balls, Bailey and Jackson. I called Jackson “Dr. Daniel Jackson”. I just couldn’t not. I should probably also confess I also had a fish named “Dr. Daniel Jackson”. Let’s not use the word obsession…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 

Date Made: March 17th, 2015
Block #74
Days on Project: 76
Blocks Made: 74

For Karen O.

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