Hummingbird #75

Block #75 for Norma B.

Block #75 for Norma B.

Growing up our church family was our family. You spent every Sunday morning, night and Wednesday night with the same families and kids. We went to church camp together, youth conferences, and tons of events. I had friends at school, but my church family were the ones I was with the most. Stuck together whether you liked it or not.

Some of my fondest memories was of going to Norma and Doug’s house after church to eat snacks, play cards and hang out. You see, our parents were rebels. They were the young people in the church and the older members of the church looked on in dismay as they played cards, let us get our ears pierced and go to school dances… Yes just like in Footloose, DANCES… Ok, so maybe it wasn’t that extreme but it was pretty funny.

I remember one night in particular, the older kids were hanging out. And of course we always wanted to be with the older kids. We were complete brats. That night they decided to play a trick on us, they turned off all the lights and started playing Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller” to scare us. It’s a bit fuzzy, but I am sure I freaked out.

Date Made: March 18th, 2015
Block #75
Days on Project: 77
Blocks Made: 75

For Norma B.

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