Hummingbird #80

Block #80 for Jordan

Block #80 for Jordan

I love having co-workers who have a tangental relationship to quilting. They may not quilt themselves, but they put up with me and understand about 90% of what I drone on about. I have two such coworkers, Jordan and Tom. Tom is my bosses bosses boss and Jordan is my colleague. Which I suppose is a nice way of saying “He’s a grunt just like me”. Jordan’s mom is a quilter and she and her quilt were recently in a prominent quilting magazine which is beyond cool.


For many months, every Thursday we went to a specific Taco joint for lunch. Everyone at the table likes the special on Thursday so ordering isn’t too difficult. Jordan likes to have fun with it. When our food comes, the waitress will start passing it out and he always makes a point of saying “I had the Thursday”. I’m not sure why, but it’s funny pretty much every time. Before we decided to only go on Thursday, we would show up on a Wednesday and Jordan would try and get his plate switched around so he could have a Thursday on Wednesday for the same price. And that’s just wrong… It’s Wednesday, you eat the Wednesday on Wednesday not on Thursday!! That is just plain common sense.

Date Made: March 21st, 2015
Block #80
Days on Project: 84
Blocks Made: 81

For Jordan

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