Hummingbird #81

Block #81 For Uncle Jesse

Block #81 For Uncle Jesse

I have three uncles and all three of them are “Doctors”. One is a “Doctor Doctor” and the other two are PHD’s. To say that I come from a smarty pants, too smart for your own good, nerdy family is an understatement.  Luckily, it dilutes through the generations and I am pretty close to normal (yeah, right… I just committed to sewing everyday for a year…)

I grew up wanting to be just like my very popular and youngest uncle, Roland (The Doctor Doctor). But I spent my childhood being told: “You’re just like your your uncle Jesse.” I was not fond of that comment as he relentlessly teased me.  All the time… I mean, like every moment we were together. ALL THE TIME.

I recently reconnected with Jesse on Facebook. He is a prolific Facebook poster. So when he takes a quiz, I take the quiz. I figure this is a scientific way to prove if I AM “Just like my uncle, Jesse”. So far…. Well at least I can say there is one major way I am not like Jess. In addition to the fancy pants degrees, he has one more thing that I just simply do not have, A GREAT BIG BUSHY BEARD!!! (–yes, that’s a quote from Hot Fuzz)

Date Made: March 21st, 2015
Block #81
Days on Project: 85
Blocks Made: 81

For Uncle Jesse

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