Hummingbird #82

Block #82 for Melissa N.

Block #82 for Melissa N.

I am no longer going to point out every time I miss a night. I am averaging about 5-6 a week and that is just gonna have to be how it is. LOL

I went to dinner with some friends a few nights ago. One of my friends was talking about how “Abby” had ruined her knitting yarn. Well, Abby is the daughter of her best friend but, I have to say, a bit old for that kind of destruction. Turns out she was talking about her cat named “Abby”. “You named your cat after Abby??” Apparently one of her son’s favorite people is “Abby” or at least it was the day they got the cat. I love how kids name things after other things they love. I remember doing the exact same thing.

I have many cousins, but most of them are quite a bit younger than me. I had one set of cousins that were around my age, Missy and Scott. I loved it when Missy came to town. Some of my best memories are of her and I snapping green beans from Grandma’s garden. She was my favorite person when I was a little one and I named everything after her. I am pretty sure she doesn’t know this but I named my dolls after her and my fish after. She also had the most highest honor of having my “Pound Puppy” named after her. It was right there on it’s tags; you can’t rename a pound puppy, that is dedication.

Date Made: March 21st, 2015
Block #82
Days on Project: 87
Blocks Made: 82

For Melissa N.

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