Hummingbird #85

Block #85 for Matt L.

Block #85 for Matt L.

Tonight’s block is dedicated to Matt L, and not just because he mentioned it was his turn on Facebook. I met Matt after an exhausting, and I mean exhausting search for a PM/BA at my last job. We interviewed so so many people, and I had never felt more relieved when we finally found a keeper. I actually remember his interview pretty well, because I think I was so frustrated by the time we got to him, that I was being extra cantankerous with the interview questions and set up. I recall we put him on the spot, gave him a scenario and told him he had 10 minutes to come up with a plan, and then we left the room. I do feel bad about that. (It’s been awhile, I could just be making all of this up) Not long after we hired him, I bailed on him and went to another job. I feel bad about that too…

Matt was recently married and I would like to send a big Congrats out to him and his new wife. Matt, this camo bird is for you!  (I was inspired by your profile pic)

Date Made: March 31st, 2015
Block #85
Days on Project: 90
Blocks Made: 85

For Matt L.

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