Hummingbird #84

Block #84 for Justin

Block #84 for Justin

This block is dedicated to Justin. Can you say that you have been to an impromptu  accordion concert in a parking garage? No? Well I have! Justin is a very well rounded and talented musician. One day at work he showed us the large number of musical instruments in his car. When I stated that I hated accordion music, he decided he would try to change my mind. It didn’t work.

One weird night…

Justin plays with groups at different renaissance festivals near here and has been known to be in costume. Our other friend Erik is a traditional German dancer. One night after work a group of us were at Chili’s and I was paying attention to a different conversation when I overheard my husbands name being mentioned. They were deep in discussion on whether Justin would be more likely to get my husband to wear tights or if Erik would be more likely to get him to wear lederhosen. Yeah…

Turns out Erik would have won the bet, however, they would have had to find a way to incapacitate him and be prepared to run once he was free…

Date Made: March 30th, 2015
Block #84
Days on Project: 89
Blocks Made: 84

For Justin

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