Hummingbird #86

Block #86 for Cathy C.

Block #86 for Cathy C.

I am going down memory lane tonight. I know I have said this before, but I used to work at a wonderful place, very far from home but very close to the beach. And when I worked there, I had three very good buddies: Cathy, Valerie and Stephanie.

I went back through all of my old emails (I never delete anything) to see when the last time I got together with them and it was so many years ago. So many that I got immediately sad and embarrassed that I let that happen. I was reading the emails between the three of us from when I left that job. We definitely had separation issues. The three of us would go to lunch almost every day and talk about tv shows, movies, and just decompress. So when I left, I was inconsolable. My emails to them sounded so whiney, I can’t believe they put up with that.

So the next two birds will be for my gal pals. They are a promise to get the gang back together and get caught up to speed on the last 5 years!

Date Made: April 2nd, 2015
Block #86
Days on Project: 92
Blocks Made: 86

For Cathy C.

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