Hummingbird #88

Block #88 for Darsie

Block #88 for Darsie

I met Darsie in a quilting class, I think we actually took the same class twice together. It was probably the hardest class I had ever taken and I kept going back year after year to take this stupid class. If they offer it again… yeah, I’ll probably be there.

The Thing I Love About Quilters Is…

How unbelievably encouraging they are. Darsie and I are now Facebook friends and she always has something encouraging to say or at a minimum she is willing to commiserate with me when I foo-bar something. Luckily she lives close so we were able to get lunch and go quilt shop hopping one weekend in addition to chatting on Facebook.

Darsie loves to go kayaking and I am a bit envious. An athletic, out in the sun, on the water hobby. I only have the one hobby, quilting. I am learning to knit but both are solitary, indoor activities. I have also been informed that watching sci-fi movies and tv shows is not a hobby. I watch episodes of The Big Bang Theory where they are making fun of the guys inability to play sport and I think… yep, thats me. But, I have to admit, that is not the only nerdy stereotype I share with those characters…

Date Made: April 4th, 2015
Block #88
Days on Project: 95
Blocks Made: 88

For Darsie

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