Riley’s Quilt!

For Riley

For Riley

I finished something other than a bird! I am hoping to finish at least one UFO a month this year and this is January’s. This is a bit of an unconventional baby quilt but after awhile, you get tired of pink and blue. This is also my 4th or 5th log cabin. They seem to my “thang”.

I had to use my professional quilt hanger to take the photo tonight, my design wall is still in a box somewhere. I also debated on having this as a separate post or just to put it in with the bird post for the day. So I apologize if I have monopolized your feeds tonight.

A New Year – New Project – The Ones That Got Away…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

About a year ago I came across a blog – “A Thousand Quilted Cranes“. A designer was commemorating all of those that touched his life (either positively or negatively) by making cranes dedicated to them. I was inspired to do the same, although I could never quite figure out the best way to do it. I didn’t want to shamelessly copy him and do Margaret Rolfe’s crane… that is his. Although it is tempting, as this crane is beautifull. I also struggled with what I would write about each person (and am still struggling with that), how many I would make, how I would pick them, etc…

I was working on binding for a quilt this morning for someone who’s baby is already 6 months old and it hit me. I will dedicate each block to someone I would have made a quilt for. Odd, I know. You might be thinking, “Well why didn’t you just make a quilt for them?”. I only have one answer for you… LIFE. It gets in the way.

I have a full time job, responsibilities and a serious addition to cable TV. I don’t have a prioritized list of who is more important when it comes to making quilts and there is no way I can make one for everyone. In the end, it usually comes down to what is going on in my life at the time. For example, if you are having a baby and I don’t have time to start a quilt for you, you will most likely get something nice from a store. But know that I desperately wanted to make you something. If you are lucky, I started a quilt and told you about it. That ususally means you will eventually get it (even if it’s 2 years from now).

I start this project this week, today in fact. I will pick a design, create a separate page on my site for those that are interested to track my progress and start making blocks January 1. The ultimate goal – 365 blocks – a years worth of would be quilts.

I don’t have anything to show right now so I leave you with more UFO’s from Quilt Festival this year.


It’s hot out there!

I’m not sure why but I always find myself binding a quilt in the summer when it’s 100 degrees outside. Typically… It’s my fault: poor planning… But this year we had an unexpected arrival. I am now a proud aunt of a beautiful baby boy. His shower was today and it was adorable. All baseball themed. Thanks to Karen for getting it quilted so fast and Mamie for the baseball fabric. It turned out great!



2014 – Flying By…

My last blog post was in October. I was super excited about Quilt Festival coming up and I could not wait to meet up with my good friend Kay to shop ’till we drop and take our classes together. And we did just that! It’s almost fitting that today would be the day that I start blogging again after a very busy first half of the year. Because, this morning Kay and I registered for fall festival classes! I have been excited all day, not to mention tired; given how early we got up to make sure we we got the first picks! I can’t wait to see her and catch up.

Even though I haven’t been blogging this year, I have been quilting!

Here are a few projects I have been working on:

I took Gyleen Fitzgerald’s Trash to Treasure pineapple class last year and created this wall-hanging. I am hand quilting (eek) it as I have time.

Scrappy Pineapple

This is called “The Trippy Quilt”. It is pattern I found on Pinterest and was determined to make it. It still needs to be quilted, but, of course, thats on the “to do” list.


The latest quilt is for my friend Kristi’s new baby, Riley. I have had it back from the quilter for awhile, it only needs to be bound. So it is next up 🙂

'Lil Birdie

Quilt Show, Gettin’ Stuff Done and Plugging Along On the 30 Week Journey.

For those of you who know me personally, you know this has been a rough week for me. Typically, when my head is in this kind of space I can’t sew. There is no joy in it. However, for some reason, I found some peace in it this weekend.

Yesterday I attended the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston’s quilt show and it was really good. Pineapple quilts everywhere, I loved it. I typically don’t buy much at these smaller shows, but I stocked up on thread and even bought fabric for a new project (yes, another project).


I also finished the binding on my red and white log cabin quilt, Fire and Ice. Karen Shively quilted this for me and I absolutely love it. I am so proud of this quilt that it is going to be the first quilt I hang on the wall. I practically tore my sewing room apart to get a good picture of it tonight.

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

And finally, I finished Week 7 of the 30 week wonder quilt today. It is my lease favorite. But I figure, I can always redo it with different fabric when I start to put them together. Hey, I have 20 weeks to change my mind…

Week 8

Week 7

Have a great week!

Paula Sue