Riley’s Quilt!

For Riley

For Riley

I finished something other than a bird! I am hoping to finish at least one UFO a month this year and this is January’s. This is a bit of an unconventional baby quilt but after awhile, you get tired of pink and blue. This is also my 4th or 5th log cabin. They seem to my “thang”.

I had to use my professional quilt hanger to take the photo tonight, my design wall is still in a box somewhere. I also debated on having this as a separate post or just to put it in with the bird post for the day. So I apologize if I have monopolized your feeds tonight.

8 thoughts on “Riley’s Quilt!

  1. Oh, that is purty, real purty! Love those colours, and the way the log cabin pattern gives you a pattern within a pattern (if you get what I mean). I’ve only ever done a scrap log cabin, where it didn’t matter what colour was used where – seeing this makes me keen to try a more ‘formal’ one like this 🙂

  2. wow…that’s really beautiful! I’m partial to purple these days and the contrasting colors really make the purple pop. question: I’m still pretty new to quilting – what color thread did you use for the actual quilting?

    • Thanks! I had this one quilted by someone else. I am really not that good at free motion so I have my friend Karen quilt them for me. She used a variegated thread that went from green to purple. It was a pretty drastic variegation, not subtle. It turned out great. I usually just let her do whatever she wants. She has a very good eye. I will try to take a close up and post it for you.

    • It looks great! So cool. If you are going to stitch to each side of the ditch and not in it, like a quarter inch echo, I would do black where it is black and white where it is white so that it blends and play it safe unless you want the quilting to be more of a feature. But I am not a big risk taker. That’s why I quilt with my credit card!!

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