Who starts a blog and then doesn’t actually blog?

Me, thats who!

“Beautiful Girls” Quilts

I have been very busy over the last month working on two quilts for by precious cousins who were both hurt in an accident. The quilt below was made for Reagan. She and her sister Allie were in the accident and while Reagan is healing quickly, Allie’s has a longer road ahead of her. The girls are very close in age and I am making both of them quilts in hopes that it will provide some comfort. This is the absolute happiest fabric in my collection, I have had it for years. Allie’s quilt is about half way there.

It is a string quilt done as a “quilt as you go”. The joining of the blocks was interesting. Didn’t go exactly as I had wanted. Hoping I can apply some lessons learned to Allie’s.

Reagan's Quilt

Reagan’s Quilt

30 Week Wonder & More Pineapples

Before I got started on the girls quilt I did get block 8 done of the 30 week wonder. However, I am now 3 blocks behind! I have at 19 weeks to get back on track, so all is well. I had also tried a new pineapple block ruler/technique and this is my favorite, by far! I will write a big blog about pineapple blocks after I take a class at festival this year.

Block 8

Block 8

Pineapple Block using Creative Grids pineapple trim tool.

Pineapple Block using Creative Grids Pineapple Trim Tool

Until Next Time!

– Paula Sue

Quilt Show, Gettin’ Stuff Done and Plugging Along On the 30 Week Journey.

For those of you who know me personally, you know this has been a rough week for me. Typically, when my head is in this kind of space I can’t sew. There is no joy in it. However, for some reason, I found some peace in it this weekend.

Yesterday I attended the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston’s quilt show and it was really good. Pineapple quilts everywhere, I loved it. I typically don’t buy much at these smaller shows, but I stocked up on thread and even bought fabric for a new project (yes, another project).


I also finished the binding on my red and white log cabin quilt, Fire and Ice. Karen Shively quilted this for me and I absolutely love it. I am so proud of this quilt that it is going to be the first quilt I hang on the wall. I practically tore my sewing room apart to get a good picture of it tonight.

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

And finally, I finished Week 7 of the 30 week wonder quilt today. It is my lease favorite. But I figure, I can always redo it with different fabric when I start to put them together. Hey, I have 20 weeks to change my mind…

Week 8

Week 7

Have a great week!

Paula Sue