Hummingbird #20

Block #20 For Gary N.

Block #20 For Gary N.

Yesterday’s bird was dedicated to Gary S.. So it is only fitting that the other half of “The Garys” get a bird today. Kinda like “The Andys” from “Hot Fuzz”.

Gary N. was a calming force in my crazy world. He was my project manager for several projects and had the unique ability to quell the biggest project storms. He always has a smile on his face, even when faced with difficult people and situations.

He is even keeled and cool as a cucumber. Where as I am…uh…not.  That is probably why we got along so well, we were opposites from each other, but in such a way that we complimented each other.  I miss working with him; I miss the stability I got from him and the other Gary. And now that I am a project manager, I have a much greater appreciation for how difficult his job was, especially when dealing with punks like me.

Thoughts On This Block:

I made it to 20! So, 21 days and its a habit, right? The 23 actually includes three test blocks which I am sure will be converted into real blocks one night when I am too tired to sew. Probably tomorrow…

Date Made: January 13, 2015  
Block #20
Days on Project: 20
Blocks Made: 23

For Gary N.

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