Socks instead of birds

Sock #1

Sock #1 (Husband’s Foot)

Still sick and pathetic. However, a long wait at the doctors office lead to serious sock progress. And now there is no progress on anything. I can’t believe I lasted until March without missing a bird. But now I have missed two and that is unfortunate. I need one healthy day on a weekend to just sit and sew.

I have been in two separate locations where knitting has lead to strangers striking up conversations with me. Getting my taxes done on Saturday and then the doctors yesterday. I never remember crochet being this intriguing to others. I think it’s the circular needles. Unfortunately, I am no where near good enough to talk and knit at the same time. I have a rescue crochet hook just for the times when I get way too interested in a TV show.


2 thoughts on “Socks instead of birds

    • It’s a bit big. Especially the toe. When I realized I did a decrease but still moves around and bunches on him. The second sock will be more snug. I’m gong to fit it to him. He has narrow feet.

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