Hummingbird #52

Block #52 For Kim. E.

Block #52 For Kim E.

My bacon has been saved again. This time by Kim E. Kim is a co-worker of mine and for the second time in less than a month has dropped everything she was doing on a weekend to help me out on my project and I could not be more grateful.

The first time we had to call on her, earlier in the month, she was at the gym. She stopped her workout and ran home to fix something that me and my boss had inadvertently done. (Boss’s Boss Actually). This time she was working at a pet adoption. Yes folks, helping little puppies go to loving homes and I interrupted that. **Paula pauses for the lightning to strike her down**

I may gripe about work a lot but I work with some pretty great, dedicated people.

I Have A Secret….

Kim and my other coworker Marsha are huge J.J. Watt fans. For those of you who don’t know, which is probably most of you, J.J. Watt is an American Football player. He is one of the best we have seen in a very long time. And, he is pretty easy on the eyes. Google him, you won’t be disappointed.

Marsha and Kim sit across from one another and I have watched what was once just one picture of him hanging between their cubes grow into something akin to a shrine. And yes, I gave them plenty of crap for it. However, what they don’t know, what my little secret is… I FREAKIN’ LOVE THE J.J. WATT SHRINE. Hey, I’m female.

My husband picked these fabrics.

Date Made: February 21, 2015
Block #52
Days on Project: 52
Blocks Made: 54
Husband’s Picks: #20

For Kim E.

Hummingbird #51

Block #51 for Jack G.

Block #51 for Jack G.

Tonight I will dedicate this block to my first boss. Right after graduating, Mickey (my bestie) and I joined a consulting firm together. After a 10 week training course, I was staffed out at a company where I met Jack G and Mickey joined me a few months later out there. While Jack didn’t sign my pay checks, he was pretty much my boss for a year.

For a first job out of school, I could not have gotten any luckier. I got to work on a team of people who had been in the industry for more than 25 years. They took me in and treated me as if I was one of their own. I was included in the lunch bunch and learned how to work hard and have fun at the same time. Most importantly, they taught me how to be a professional and the importance of experience. For many years after, I made it my personal mission to get Jack to come work for whatever company I was at so he could be my boss again. Unfortunately, I never succeeded.

A Short Funny Story

I have so many fond memories of this time in my life, it was hard to pick just one story. But we will go with “A 2 Bowler”. The lunch bunch occasionally went to a Mongolian Bar-B-Q place. For those of you who don’t know, here is the way it worked: They gave you one bowl and you stuffed it full of vegetables, raw meat, and noodles from a weird salad bar. At this place, they cooked it in front of you on a huge round table. Jack’s goal was to pack so much in the one bowl that he could get two bowls out of it when they cooked it up; A 2 Bowler. And he did… a few times if I recall correctly. My aversion to vegetables usually lead to a quarter bowler.

My husband picked these fabrics. I forgot to give him credit last night and he brought this to my attention.

Date Made: February 20, 2015
Block #51
Days on Project: 51
Blocks Made: 53
Husband’s Picks: #19

For Jack G.

Hummingbird #50

Block #50 for Les S.

Block #50 for Les S.

I decided to keep going down the bosses route for this week. This bird is dedicated to my third boss at my current company. Les was my boss for less than a year right before he retired. He was a great boss. Les was the first person to convince me that I am an introvert. And, more importantly, that it was OK to be one. Les was into team building based on strengths and really understanding how we work based on our personalities. Past theories of around bettering yourself centered around  understanding your weaknesses and purposely striving to be stronger in those areas. This theory was the opposite. It focused on identifying your strengths and ensuring that the team you are working on has a good mix of different strengths. Do what you are good at, basically. I loved having these conversations with Les. I am a very task oriented person so I would rarely stop to think on these types of things. He had us go through a few different personality types of exercises and thanks to Les I now know the following about myself:

  • I am a black hat thinker
  • I am an influencer and an equalizer
  • I am a blue red
  • I am an introvert

Les is living the good life now. He retired, sold his house, car, everything and moved to the coast. I imagine he is traveling and living it up. We got him a years subscription to a beer of the month club so I would like to think we are helping out with that…

My husband picked these fabrics.

Date Made: February 19, 2015
Block #50
Days on Project: 50
Blocks Made: 52
Husband’s Picks: #18

For Les S.

Hummingbird #49

Block #50 for Larry Do.

Block #49 for Carl E.

Recognize this one? Yep it has finally happened. I gave up and used a test block as a real block. I had a bad day, an I would probably sew my finger to the bird if I tried to make a block tonight. So I am phoning it in….

Now, please don’t think this is any reflection on who it is dedicated to. It’s still a pretty cool looking bird. This one is dedicated to Carl E. Carl was my second boss at my current job. And I thought of him tonight because Carl is a car guy. The majority of the bad day today was me getting into an accident and messing up my car. I LOVE MY CAR. It was a splurge. It was pretty and fun to drive and now it is foo-barred. A few months ago his car baby was foo-barred as well. I just remember thinking when it happened, OMG I would be so sad. And now, I am… I will take it to get it fixed tomorrow and be in a rental for awhile. But I fear it will never be the same. Carl also helped me pick out this car. 😦

So, another thing about Carl, and why he really made the list, is that I am in awe of his mad skills. Not only can he do anything with a car, but he does all the things around his house that me and my husband would never try to do on our own. And… He does them well. And… He enjoys it. And… He saves a ton of money. If we tried to put in our own floors, for example, it would look awful, we would probably loose at least one finger, and by the end of it there would be more than a few tears shed. Then we would have to pay even more to have someone come in and fix it. Maybe we’re not that bad. Maybe it’s just the bad day talking…

And I would elaborate more on Carl’s skills, but my husband wants to go fill up the bird feeder. At 9:00. In the Dark. In the Cold. (FYI – He had a bad day too)


Date Made: December 28th, 2014  (being honest)
Block #49
Days on Project: 49
Blocks Made: 51

For Carl E.

Hummingbird #48

Block #47 for David S.

Block #48 for David S.

This block is dedicated to David S. David was my first boss at my current job and he is also an excellent photographer. I had the opportunity to travel with him a couple times and he made me better photographer as well. He might not have approved of my camera choice but he did teach me quite a bit.

David goes on a lot of photography trips and I am extremely jealous of how well traveled he is. I have a “David Scarbrough” original from Iceland and I love it. In our last house we had it hanging in the dining room and in this house we will have it over the fireplace.

Fireplace Photo

And… I already have my eye on another one for the house…

Check out the rest of his photos here:

David’s Galleries

Date Made: February 17th, 2015  
Block #48
Days on Project: 48
Blocks Made: 51

For David S.

Hummingbird #47

Block #47 for Beth B.

Block #47 for Beth B.

The block is dedicated to my quilty friend Beth. I met Beth at a now defunct appliqué society. The best thing about Beth – She’s my age! Well, close enough… I have plenty of quilting friends that are older and I love them dearly. But most of them are retired. And, let me tell you, it is depressing to see how quickly they are turning out projects now when I could go for months without sewing. Beth has a full time job too so she can commiserate with me. Both of us are in our 30’s, both in “man’s world” type of professions (her more so than me), and we both love to quilt. So a Saturday lunch can, and did, turn into a 2-3 hour event.

I want to be her when I grow up…

Because… Beth is an amazing hand quilter. Yes folks, I said HAND quilter. I am in awe of her dedication to hand quilting very large projects. I want to do that and she has inspired me to start practicing on some smaller projects but I have a long way to go to get to her level.

and I’m a little bit jealous of her…

Because… Her mom is a quilter too! Like me, she has a pretty young mom and they both quilt. They are freakin’ adorable together (she will kill me for saying that). My mother is not a quilter but I know that if we lived closer to each other we would sew together and I would convince her to become a quilter too. There is plenty of time to change that situation…

Date Made: February 14th, 2015  
Block #47
Days on Project: 47
Blocks Made: 50

For Beth B.

Hummingbird #46

Block #46 For Jennifer A.

Block #46 For Jennifer X.

The block is dedicated to another long lost friend. Jennifer X. was my first college buddy. We lived on the same floor and hung out all the time. She made me coffee in the morning before my early classes and her grandmother would send me care packages as if I was her own. We lost touch after I got married and moved away but I still think of her often.

Quick Funny Story

Jennifer had a long time boyfriend, they were high school sweethearts. Her parents did not approve and forbid her from seeing him. I didn’t know this until later but when we would go home for holidays, she would tell her parents she was going home with me. When in reality she was going home to her grandmother, with him. She even told her parents she had met a guy at school and was dating him to throw them off her tracks. When listening to the description of this fake boyfriend, I realized she was describing my fiancé (and later husband). She didn’t even change his name, where he was from or what he looked like. To this day, I cannot believe her grandmother was in on it. In the end, they got married, had babies and lived happily ever after (I hope). So I guess her family made peace with her choice in guys.

Date Made: February 14th, 2015  
Block #46
Days on Project: 46
Blocks Made: 50

For Jennifer X.