Hummingbird #79

Block #79 For Costas K.

Block #79 For Costas K.

I have worked with lots of fun characters over the years. IT people are typically a little different (myself included). One of my favorite people was Costas. Costas is a feisty Greek man who made work a lot of fun. There are two funny things he used to say when we worked together.

Not My Problem

We were working with a particularly difficult client who was having resource issues and taking it out on us. During a heated argument, Costas says “No, that is a people problem, not technical”. Throws his hand up (‘talk to the hand’ style) and says “Not My Problem”. To this day I use that, with the exact same intonation and gesturing.

The IIS, Is It Down?

Another thing he would do, quite often, is he would stand up in his cube and shout “PAAAUUUULA THE IIS, IS IT DOWN?” It often was. I went back to work at that company about 5 years later in a completely different job and one day, out of the middle of no where, one of my stressed out co-workers stands up and yells “PAAAUUUULA THE IIS, IS IT DOWN?” It stuck.

Date Made: March 23rd, 2015
Block #79
Days on Project: 83
Blocks Made: 81

For Costas K.

Hummingbird #78

Block #78 For Marsha R.

Block #78 For Marsha R.

Marsha R. is one of my awesome co-workers. The thing I like the most about Marsha is how much she cares about other people. After my surgery she was very sweet to check in on me and encourage me to not be stupid and come back to soon. Which is exactly what I did.

She has a kind heart and goes out of her way to make others feel special. That’s the thing about having a lot of friends with different qualities and traits, you see it in them, and it makes you want to be a better person. This little project of mine has made me stop and think about each person I dedicate one of these too. I might only write a funny story sometimes, but I do think quite a bit on them and how they have made my life better.

Date Made: March 21st, 2015
Block #78
Days on Project: 82
Blocks Made: 81

For Marsha R.

Hummingbird #77

Block #77 For Carrie M.

Block #77 For Carrie M.

Carrie M. was the office manager at one of my previous jobs. She helped me at one of the most critical and chaotic moments of my life. Not to get into too many details. But my husband used to work off shore, one time he was on his way out (as in – on a helicopter) and I was on the road into work from an appointment. I got a phone call. His dad was in the hospital and it was critical. I needed to find a way to get him off back on land ASAP. I freaked out. I pulled over, couldn’t get ahold of anybody, didn’t know who to call at his work. So I called my work to tell them what was going on. Carrie picked up the line and all I told her was my husbands name and the company he worked for. Ten minutes and many tears later she called me. She got ahold of his boss and he was to be on the next helicopter back in. Some people are in your life at just the right moments. And I will never forget that moment. That was the last time my husband ever went off shore.

Sorry for the sad story. When thinking about what to say for her bird, there was no other story I could tell. She was my lifeline that day.

Date Made: March 21st, 2015
Block #77
Days on Project: 81
Blocks Made: 80

For Carrie M.

Hummingbird #76

Block #76 for Angie R.

Block #76 for Angie R.

Angie is the wife of Erik, who received a bird earlier. But ironically, I met both of them separately before they knew each other. Friends of friends sort of thing… Regardless, Angie and Erik are perfect for each other. Basically, he’s nuts and she gets him. I told a story of Erik’s 40th birthday party and how crazy it was for his bird. She was responsible for almost all of the craziness. They are a fun couple and we miss hanging out with them.

Angie and I used to shop together, I hated shopping and I could tell she wasn’t the biggest fan of that activity either. But when she did go shopping… she was freakin’ serious about it. I remember going to the outlet mall with her and in one store I was done after about 10 minutes. I spent the next hour sitting in a very comfy chair reading a book on my phone and holding the growing mountain of clothes she had picked out. Strangely enough, we were pretty well matched shopping buddies. We each knew what we wanted and the goal was to get in and out of there. Her list on that day was just a bit longer than mine…

About the birds:

Today I reinstated the bird factory. Each bird typically takes 45 minutes. I thought, let’s streamline this process and see if I can gain some efficiencies. I made 5 birds in 3 hours. That is again of only one bird if I did the math right. smh…

Date Made: March 21st, 2015
Block #76
Days on Project: 80
Blocks Made: 80

For Angie R.

Socks… Socks… Socks…



I worked a long day today and I didn’t have the energy to sew a bird. I sat out on the patio knitting for a few minutes until the bugs got to be too annoying.

So here are some pictures of my socks. The sock on the bottom or left is my first attempt and the one on the right or top is my second. Clearly, gauge is everything.


Hummingbird #75

Block #75 for Norma B.

Block #75 for Norma B.

Growing up our church family was our family. You spent every Sunday morning, night and Wednesday night with the same families and kids. We went to church camp together, youth conferences, and tons of events. I had friends at school, but my church family were the ones I was with the most. Stuck together whether you liked it or not.

Some of my fondest memories was of going to Norma and Doug’s house after church to eat snacks, play cards and hang out. You see, our parents were rebels. They were the young people in the church and the older members of the church looked on in dismay as they played cards, let us get our ears pierced and go to school dances… Yes just like in Footloose, DANCES… Ok, so maybe it wasn’t that extreme but it was pretty funny.

I remember one night in particular, the older kids were hanging out. And of course we always wanted to be with the older kids. We were complete brats. That night they decided to play a trick on us, they turned off all the lights and started playing Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller” to scare us. It’s a bit fuzzy, but I am sure I freaked out.

Date Made: March 18th, 2015
Block #75
Days on Project: 77
Blocks Made: 75

For Norma B.