Hummingbird #87

Block #97 for Valerie P.

Block #87 for Valerie

Tonight’s bird is dedicated to Valerie, one of my buddies I hung out with “back-in-the-day”. The thing I loved about hanging out with Valerie, Cathy and Stephanie was that when we left work, we left work! We went to lunch or dinner and rarely talked about work. It was the only time in my career I can say I was able to do that. Even now, when I go to lunch with my co-workers we mostly talk or gripe about work. It’s good to get out, but when I get back to my desk I rarely feel refreshed.

These guys got me one the best gifts when I left that job. They got me a “Darth Tater” and the tater has traveled with me through every job and cubicle move. Occasionally, I will come back to my desk and find it mutilated with an arm sticking up out of the top of his head or it’s eyes where it’s mouth should be. I never know who the culprit is but, obviously, I am not the only person who likes that tater.

Date Made: April 4th, 2015
Block #87
Days on Project: 94
Blocks Made: 87

For Valerie

Hummingbird #86

Block #86 for Cathy C.

Block #86 for Cathy C.

I am going down memory lane tonight. I know I have said this before, but I used to work at a wonderful place, very far from home but very close to the beach. And when I worked there, I had three very good buddies: Cathy, Valerie and Stephanie.

I went back through all of my old emails (I never delete anything) to see when the last time I got together with them and it was so many years ago. So many that I got immediately sad and embarrassed that I let that happen. I was reading the emails between the three of us from when I left that job. We definitely had separation issues. The three of us would go to lunch almost every day and talk about tv shows, movies, and just decompress. So when I left, I was inconsolable. My emails to them sounded so whiney, I can’t believe they put up with that.

So the next two birds will be for my gal pals. They are a promise to get the gang back together and get caught up to speed on the last 5 years!

Date Made: April 2nd, 2015
Block #86
Days on Project: 92
Blocks Made: 86

For Cathy C.

Hummingbird #85

Block #85 for Matt L.

Block #85 for Matt L.

Tonight’s block is dedicated to Matt L, and not just because he mentioned it was his turn on Facebook. I met Matt after an exhausting, and I mean exhausting search for a PM/BA at my last job. We interviewed so so many people, and I had never felt more relieved when we finally found a keeper. I actually remember his interview pretty well, because I think I was so frustrated by the time we got to him, that I was being extra cantankerous with the interview questions and set up. I recall we put him on the spot, gave him a scenario and told him he had 10 minutes to come up with a plan, and then we left the room. I do feel bad about that. (It’s been awhile, I could just be making all of this up) Not long after we hired him, I bailed on him and went to another job. I feel bad about that too…

Matt was recently married and I would like to send a big Congrats out to him and his new wife. Matt, this camo bird is for you!  (I was inspired by your profile pic)

Date Made: March 31st, 2015
Block #85
Days on Project: 90
Blocks Made: 85

For Matt L.

Hummingbird #84

Block #84 for Justin

Block #84 for Justin

This block is dedicated to Justin. Can you say that you have been to an impromptu  accordion concert in a parking garage? No? Well I have! Justin is a very well rounded and talented musician. One day at work he showed us the large number of musical instruments in his car. When I stated that I hated accordion music, he decided he would try to change my mind. It didn’t work.

One weird night…

Justin plays with groups at different renaissance festivals near here and has been known to be in costume. Our other friend Erik is a traditional German dancer. One night after work a group of us were at Chili’s and I was paying attention to a different conversation when I overheard my husbands name being mentioned. They were deep in discussion on whether Justin would be more likely to get my husband to wear tights or if Erik would be more likely to get him to wear lederhosen. Yeah…

Turns out Erik would have won the bet, however, they would have had to find a way to incapacitate him and be prepared to run once he was free…

Date Made: March 30th, 2015
Block #84
Days on Project: 89
Blocks Made: 84

For Justin

Hummingbird #83

Block #83 for Uncle Ken

Block #83 for Uncle Ken

Tonight’s bird is dedicated to my Uncle Ken, mostly because he puts up with my Aunt Wilma. I’m kidding… sort of…

My Mom and Dad are vacationing with him and Wilma this week and mom was super excited to have someone to play cards with. And I quote: “Well your Dad and Ken are going to head back early, he don’t play with us anyway, just like your daddy”. This has been a point of contention for many years; dad not playing cards. Mom is super jealous that my hubby plays cards with me. I figure it’s because I got married much younger than either of them did; you have to start training them young…

Date Made: March 29th, 2015
Block #83
Days on Project: 88
Blocks Made: 83

For Uncle Ken

Hummingbird #82

Block #82 for Melissa N.

Block #82 for Melissa N.

I am no longer going to point out every time I miss a night. I am averaging about 5-6 a week and that is just gonna have to be how it is. LOL

I went to dinner with some friends a few nights ago. One of my friends was talking about how “Abby” had ruined her knitting yarn. Well, Abby is the daughter of her best friend but, I have to say, a bit old for that kind of destruction. Turns out she was talking about her cat named “Abby”. “You named your cat after Abby??” Apparently one of her son’s favorite people is “Abby” or at least it was the day they got the cat. I love how kids name things after other things they love. I remember doing the exact same thing.

I have many cousins, but most of them are quite a bit younger than me. I had one set of cousins that were around my age, Missy and Scott. I loved it when Missy came to town. Some of my best memories are of her and I snapping green beans from Grandma’s garden. She was my favorite person when I was a little one and I named everything after her. I am pretty sure she doesn’t know this but I named my dolls after her and my fish after. She also had the most highest honor of having my “Pound Puppy” named after her. It was right there on it’s tags; you can’t rename a pound puppy, that is dedication.

Date Made: March 21st, 2015
Block #82
Days on Project: 87
Blocks Made: 82

For Melissa N.

Hummingbird #81

Block #81 For Uncle Jesse

Block #81 For Uncle Jesse

I have three uncles and all three of them are “Doctors”. One is a “Doctor Doctor” and the other two are PHD’s. To say that I come from a smarty pants, too smart for your own good, nerdy family is an understatement.  Luckily, it dilutes through the generations and I am pretty close to normal (yeah, right… I just committed to sewing everyday for a year…)

I grew up wanting to be just like my very popular and youngest uncle, Roland (The Doctor Doctor). But I spent my childhood being told: “You’re just like your your uncle Jesse.” I was not fond of that comment as he relentlessly teased me.  All the time… I mean, like every moment we were together. ALL THE TIME.

I recently reconnected with Jesse on Facebook. He is a prolific Facebook poster. So when he takes a quiz, I take the quiz. I figure this is a scientific way to prove if I AM “Just like my uncle, Jesse”. So far…. Well at least I can say there is one major way I am not like Jess. In addition to the fancy pants degrees, he has one more thing that I just simply do not have, A GREAT BIG BUSHY BEARD!!! (–yes, that’s a quote from Hot Fuzz)

Date Made: March 21st, 2015
Block #81
Days on Project: 85
Blocks Made: 81

For Uncle Jesse