Hummingbird #24

Block #24 For Jennifer L.

Block #24 For Jennifer L.

This block is dedicated to my sister-in-law Jennifer L. Earlier last year she and her husband adopted a baby boy and he is perfect. I’m an Aunt!

My mother-in-law is in love. She was visiting us last weekend and I took her to a knit shop she likes. As she was checking out, she told the lady all about him and pulled out her brag book showing him off. It was adorable, you can just see her love for him every time she talks about him.

Yesterday, they were able to make it official and finalize the adoption. So congratulations Jen, you are a wonderful mom and doing a great job! We are so happy for you guys.

My husband picked these fabrics.

Date Made: January 24, 2015  
Block #24
Days on Project: 24
Blocks Made: 27
Husband’s Picks: #3

For Jennifer L.

Hummingbird #23

Block 23 For Kay

Block #23 For Kay

This block is dedicated to my good friend Kay. I had to do some research on this one to make sure I got the dates right. Kay and I met in a quilting class in 2009 at the International Quilt Festival. I had been going to festival to shop for several years but this was the first time I had ever taken a class and I was so freakin excited. The class was HORRIBLE, worst teacher I have ever had (we will keep her name out of it) and even the other classmates were pretty annoying. That is how Kay and I met each other, giving up on day 2 in a 3 day course annoyed by the people sitting beside us.

We have taken classes together each year since. Every year we get up at the butt crack of dawn to register and then count the days until we get to class. We don’t always pick winners, but we always have fun. It quickly became less about taking classes and more about the one week of the year we got to hang out together. I know at some point, there will come a year when one of us can’t make it, but for now, we will keep our yearly reunion in October.

My husband picked these fabrics. He’s pretty proud of this block. Now if I could just get him to make some of these birds…

Date Made: January 23, 2015  
Block #23
Days on Project: 23
Blocks Made: 26
Husband’s Picks: #2

For Kay

Hummingbird #22

Block #22 For Clay C.

Block #22 For Clay C.

Clay is Kristen’s (Block 21) husband. Clay has taught us many things, like the importance of “purging” and how to install a light fixtures. He is pretty handy, and I can say that his friendship is the hardest one not to abuse. Especially since he lives just around the corner.

Clay and I share a fondness for sci-fi movies and TV shows. And Kristen and my husband share a love for gardening. I am pretty sure that Clay and I have influenced our spouses as they actually want to see movies with us but, unfortunately, I don’t think it’s a two way street. I don’t think either one of us gets overly excited about picking out plants. If I’m wrong… I will print a retraction.


My husband helped pick out the fabric for this one. And the next 8 or 9 birds will be 100% his choices in fabric with very little guidance from me. This note is not only giving him credit but it shall serve as disclaimer for me…

Date Made: January 22, 2015  
Block #22
Days on Project: 22
Blocks Made: 25

For Clay C.

Hummingbird #21

Block #21 For Kristen C.

Block #21 For Kristen C.

I thought long and hard about what I would write in this post. These are the hardest; the people who know you the best are always the hardest to write about. It’s all either way too personal to put online or there are just way too many funny stories to pick from. That could be why it took me until block #21 to pluck up the courage and dedicate one to Kristen. I have known Kristen for a little over 10 years, but sometimes it feels like I have known her my whole life.

We met in a church home team and now we live less than 5 minutes from each other. Or as Kristen would put it “A brisk 10 minute walk”. Kristen is special to me because she brings light and laughter into my life. We might not agree on movies and the proper applications of hot glue but we have fun. And we have known each other long enough now that we end up retelling the same funny stories at get togethers.

Last year I ended up in the ER and then went straight from there to the OR for an emergency surgery. Once I got home the next day, I texted a few friends just to let them know what happened. Within 5 minutes of getting my text Kristen was knocking on my door. I have never felt more loved than I did in that moment.

Date Made: January 21, 2015  
Block #21
Days on Project: 21
Blocks Made: 24

For Kristen C.

Hummingbird #20

Block #20 For Gary N.

Block #20 For Gary N.

Yesterday’s bird was dedicated to Gary S.. So it is only fitting that the other half of “The Garys” get a bird today. Kinda like “The Andys” from “Hot Fuzz”.

Gary N. was a calming force in my crazy world. He was my project manager for several projects and had the unique ability to quell the biggest project storms. He always has a smile on his face, even when faced with difficult people and situations.

He is even keeled and cool as a cucumber. Where as I am…uh…not.  That is probably why we got along so well, we were opposites from each other, but in such a way that we complimented each other.  I miss working with him; I miss the stability I got from him and the other Gary. And now that I am a project manager, I have a much greater appreciation for how difficult his job was, especially when dealing with punks like me.

Thoughts On This Block:

I made it to 20! So, 21 days and its a habit, right? The 23 actually includes three test blocks which I am sure will be converted into real blocks one night when I am too tired to sew. Probably tomorrow…

Date Made: January 13, 2015  
Block #20
Days on Project: 20
Blocks Made: 23

For Gary N.

Riley’s Quilt!

For Riley

For Riley

I finished something other than a bird! I am hoping to finish at least one UFO a month this year and this is January’s. This is a bit of an unconventional baby quilt but after awhile, you get tired of pink and blue. This is also my 4th or 5th log cabin. They seem to my “thang”.

I had to use my professional quilt hanger to take the photo tonight, my design wall is still in a box somewhere. I also debated on having this as a separate post or just to put it in with the bird post for the day. So I apologize if I have monopolized your feeds tonight.

Hummingbird #19

Block #19 For Gary S.

Block #19 For Gary S.

This bird is dedicated to Gary S. He was my boss for a few years and the one of the best bosses I have ever had. (I know I may have some other “bosses” reading this – don’t be mad – I liked you too). I guess he gets a bird because I had lunch with him today and the nostalgia is kicking in. We worked together in a pretty high stress environment and he was always there to help me out of a jam or give some good advice. He sat right across from my other favorite Gary, Gary N. – “The Garys” -Whenever I needed one of them, I would just call out “Hey Gary” and they would both answer, which was good as I usually needed both of them.

Gary S. built a great team; he is very good at that. Don’t get me wrong, I work at a good company now with a lot of good people, but occasionally I miss my old crew of Gary, Gary, and Hank. We were a great team, but we have all moved on now to bigger an better things.

Thoughts on this block:

Work is getting busy, as it does. And, it’s a holiday for us. But while sewing, I keep thinking, I should be working. While working, I keep thinking I would rather be sewing. My boss would say, “It’s a holiday, it will be there in the morning”. So I am trying to not think about work while writing this blog and failing miserably. Heck – I even dedicated it to a former co-worker.

In other news, I dropped my velocity iron and scratched the crap out of my new hardwood floors. Maybe I should be working instead…

Date Made: January 19, 2015  
Block #19
Days on Project: 19
Blocks Made: 23

For Gary S.